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Information by Carleigh from Year 5P at Rochedale State School.

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As its name suggests, this tiny possum has a feather like tail.

The Feather Tail Glider (Acrobatus pyomaeus) is not often seen unless one meets up with a misfortune.

For example, one might be found during tree-felling or be caught by a cat.

If they get surprised, they will stay perfectly still on the ground.

Feather Tail Gliders are very similar to the Pygmy Possum. They have a glider skin flap between front and back legs and a feathery edged tail. Feather Tail Gliders are nocturnal, about 14 cm long and weigh about 12 grams. They colour of the Feather Tail Glider is brown-gray on the top and white on the underside. This species has a long tail for balancing (about 7cm long) with a feather-like pattern of hairs and special ridged pads on its feet. They travel through the trees at high speed in gliding leaps as great as 20 metres. No bigger than a mouse, the Feather Tail Glider is the smallest of the gliding possums. Up to four young are carried on the pouch when small. Ft3.jpg (19655 bytes)

Feather Tail Gliders are found in eucalypt forests of the eastern and south eastern coast, extending inland into the drier areas of forest and woodland. Communities of gliders live in the knotholes or hollow limbs, in nests lined with dried eucalyptus leaves.

This little marsupial enjoys nectar from open cup-shaped flowers of eucalypts, insects, sugary sap, leaves and blossoms of trees. A shy creature, it usually moves around at night, hunting through the tops of trees.

Membranes between its limbs create a miniature parachute, with the tail acting as a rudder to slow or direct flight. Feather Tail Gliders sleep during very cold weather and then wake when it is warmer. One threat to their survival is animals that eat Feather Tail Gliders, especially cats.

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