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The children have really gotten into the Word Processing. These stories  are as they typed them with clip art and formatting that the children have done all themselves. Well done kids!!

The Pirate Gang

Once upon a time there was a boy named peter. He and his friends loved to go fishing. His dad would toke the boys out and the girls would go shopping.

One day the boys decided to go fishing. They got a basket of food and got the boat ready. The girls got in the car and went to the mall.

When the boys got to their favourite fishing spot they threw the anchor over the edge and began to fish.

They had been fishing for about an hour before they caught their first fish. It was a big one so they decided to keep it.

They started fishing again and peter saw a ship coming towards them. He told his dad and he said they should all go below decks just in case it is a pirate ship.

They were below decks and they saw that more ships had come and surrounded them. Peterís dad called the water police and told them about the pirates. They said they would get there as fast as they could.

They had to wait for five minutes but then they came.

The strongest ship disabled the pirate ships and the rest caught  and killed them.

We were all  safe and the police were glad that the pirates were dead.

By Chris McMillan

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