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One of the Year 5 themes is on Pirates. We hope you find our work interesting and informative. All work has been researched or written by Year 5 at Rochedale State School. Click on the picture below or the menu to the left, to go to the topic.
AHOY THERE MATIES!! We raised over $700  for Talk Like a Pirate Day to donate to Childhood Cancer Support Inc. WELL DONE ROCHEDALE STUDENTS!!!

Pirates, Buccaneers and Privateers - find out what these terms mean.

Some famous pirates - Henry Morgan, Blackbeard, William Kidd, Bartholomew Roberts, Mary Read and Anne Bonny. Treasure Island by R.L. Stevenson - read our summary of this famous pirate story.

Pirate Questions

Pirate Stories - read our bloodthirsty Pirate stories. Pirate Poems - read some Limericks that we wrote about Pirates. Pirate Questions - Test your knowledge and answer our Pirate Questions.


AVAST YE LANDLUBBERS!!! Here's a great new story for all you pirates out there! If you love pirates (and most of us do) you'll love this children's story about a ten year old boy who finds himself living the life of a pirate aboard their ship "The Devil's Breath". It's available to purchase as an Ebook and will give children everywhere a taste of life as a pirate!! There's also some comprehension uestions for teachers or parents to use as an evaluation activity!! Click here to read an excerpt.
Want  some Pirate games? We've been looking at a couple from Channel Craft in the USA that were kindly sent to us - Morgan' s Revenge and Gold Rush. MORGAN'S REVENGE comes complete with authentic replicas of gold doubloons and silver Pieces of Eight with a 16 page handbook of Pirate Lore and rules to this brass top game of chance.  Good fun!!