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Here's some of our Pirate Awards:

31/01/2005 - Qld. Education Views, Internet Site Reviews - "...It is a comprehensive, well presented history of privateers, pirates and buccaneers........This would be valuable site for teachers using Pirates as a central organising theme for a cross-curriculum unit of work."

27/08/2001 - Ahoy there Rochedale State School!!!!
I just sailed into your inbox to say, thank you for choosing our competition and welcome aboard The Jolly Rogers Website Competition..

Your site has been approved for fighting with us..*S* I have been over to your site and it is terrific, and one of the most interesting pirate sites on the web, you have so many things to read and see!!!!!

1/4/00 - Here's an article from Skewl Sites March 2000 Newsletter - 
"Ahoy, mates! We've been trying to snag a truly dastardly site on pirates, and we think we've found just the one.   Pirates is a theme page produced by Year 5 students at Rochedale State School in Brisbane, Australia. It's sure to spark your students' imagination and ignite a lively research or creative writing project. Six main topics make up this innovative site. You can click on a picture of a skull to find out the difference between a buccaneer and a privateer, and the definition of piracy. You'll meet some famous (or infamous) pirates, such as the notorious Blackbeard, and some lesser known pirates like Anne Bonny (yes, a woman!). You can read the students' summary of the famous pirate story  "Treasure Island" or enjoy stories and poems on pirates by the Year 5 students. You could use these stories to spark ideas for student writing in your own classroom. And yes, there are questions, where your students can test their knowledge of pirates. 

One of the unique aspects of this student created site is the excellent ideas for a pirate theme in the classroom. You can click on pictures of Pirate Dress Up day and see the kids in their pirate costumes. They also share some great `Wanted' posters.  See photos of kids taken at a pirate picnic lunch-eon. Take a look at pirate treasure maps and see how they made the maps look old. The online Pirate Treasure Hunt that the students created shows a lot of time and effort. Your students will enjoy the hunt and can even earn a certificate. There are plenty of links to more Pirate sites, but we think there's more than enough right here to have a go at your own pirate theme. Now `shiverme timbers' and bookmark this site!"

Skewl Sites - The Best of Educational Web Sites - March 2000

8/3/00 - "Hi! Iím the contributing editor of a new history column, Pirates and
Privateers, at Suite101.com. Pirates is one of my recommended sites, and I provide a link to your site.
Thanks, Cindy"

See our link above for the site.

8/2/00 - Congratulations - "You Are Now A Jukebox's Kool Top 2% Web Page Award Winner And Now May Place This Award On Your Web Page"


WorldVillage Family Site of the Day15/9/99 - Your web site, Pirates, has been selected as the WorldVillage Family Site of the Day for September 15th, 1999! The editors at WorldVillage in honor and recognition of the web's finest family-friendly sites choose this award.

Here's part of the review: "This is a great site, especially since students maintain it. It is worth spending some time at since it is both educational and informative. Enjoy your stop here today."

"This is magnificent, so much work went into the making of this site, I am so impressed!"
This award was sent it us by Grania from Grania's Lair. http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/6520/graniaslair

Grania has a page about Grace O'Malley and heaps of Celtic things and is well worth a look!!

Surfing the Net with Kids 3 star siteCongratulations! Your site (Pirates Homepage) has been rated "Great!" and awarded 3 stars in my 7/7/99 syndicated newspaper column  "Surfing the Net with Kids" at  http://www.surfnetkids.com
Barbara J. Feldman
"Surfing the Net with Kids"

Key Resource23/7/98 - "Congratulations! Your page:
has been selected to receive a Links2Go Key Resource award in the Pirates topic. 

For each topic, Links2Go selects at most 50 of the most representative links. These are the "Key Resources" for the topic. "

We are very pleased and proud, that these pages were featured on the Microsoft Internet Explorer Home User site during the week of 25 February, 1998.

We are also privileged to have received the MAXIE A+ AWARD for Educational Excellence on 25 March, 1998.