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Click here to meet Bo Bo Han, our World Vision child.











Risk Takers










27 - Interschool Sport
    - Student of the Month
30 - 2 April - Year 6 Camp Tallebudgera

2 - Last day of Term 1
3 - Good Friday
20 - School Resumes for Term 2 (No Pupil Free Day)

Click here for Ed. Qld School calendar for 201

ABOUT OUR SCHOOL ...........

Click here for some information about our school in Chinese

Click here for some information about our school in Chinese.

Click here for some information about our school in Korean.
곳을 클릭하시면 한국어로 보실 있습니다

Rochedale State School is situated on the south-eastern outskirts of Brisbane in a pleasant, semi-rural area with easy access to both northern and southern highways and only 10 minutes from the city centre.  Our school is enrolment managed which means that our ability to accept enrolments from outside our catchment area may be limited. Click here for our school Enrolment Management Plan. Click here for a catchment map of the Greater Brisbane area including Rochedale State School. Click here for a local map of our school's catchment area.

The Rochedale area has quite an interesting history.
Click here for the history of Rochedale.

Our school is home to many different sorts of wildlife including koalas and wallabies. We once had a resident peacock called Andrew who made his home here for many years. Here are some photos of a pair of tawny frog mouths and fledgling, one of the koalas, our peacock, a wallaby and kookaburra::
 A wallaby watches footy training  and a kookaburra was there too!!

Our Tawny Frog Mouth & baby. Daddy watches close by.

One of our koalas.

Andrew, our peacock, shows off
for Shirley, our peahen.
Click  here see a map of our school!!

Click here for the Education Department's map showing our school and other schools in this district.

Click on Brisbane on the map to the left, to have a closer look at where we are on the map.

Click on the photo  below to have a look at some great aerial views of our school. Most recent ones from NearMap from 24 March, 2011 and the school fete in 2012.

An aerial view of Rochedale State School.

Values Education: Staff and students at Rochedale State School places great importance on an atmosphere of good values.
Click here for some photos and information about our Values.

2015 Preps first day at play!!

High Five:

ochedale State School is practising the High Five Strategy. It is an effective strategy to develop problem-solving strategies for our students. It involves a whole school approach that can also eradicate bullying.

It is a 5 step problem solving strategy that can be used in the classroom, in the playground and for perceived bullying incidents. Click here for more information on the "High Five".

Year 1 students lining up for their first day of 2015!

See latest news page or the office or library for your copy. There is also a workbook available. Andrew's newest book -"Andrew's Adventures", is available from the library for $12.00. A great remembrance of our beautiful peacock!!


As we approach the end of Term One, teachers will begin to organise their parent/teacher interviews times. During these interviews the teachers will discuss your child’s progress to date and also set goals for next term.Each teacher will send out an individual timetable of their available times for you to select an appropriate time slot. If for any reason you are unable to make your agreed time, please phone the school to let the teacher know as soon as possible so that they are not waiting around for an interview which won’t happen and the time slot can be re-allocated.

On Friday, 13 March, our 2015 student leaders were presented with their badges in a special assembly. Congratulations to our new School Captains and Vice Captains.  Check out our new banner on these pages, with the photo of our new school leaders!!

Work began today on our new car park and pick-up/drop-off area and will continue into next term. This work will cause some disruption to people's regular parking routines and we would like to ask for people's patience and understanding while we work on improving the safety for our students. During this time parking will be at a premium as we close down the existing driveway beside the gym and then the old teachers' car park. Please do not park or drop off your children in any of the remaining staff car parks as we won't have enough parks for staff as it is!! For a plan, check out the latest news page.


Thursdays  - 8.30 to 9.30am and 2.15 to 3.15pm and Friday - 8.00am to 9.00am

Prep enrolments for 2016  opened on Monday, 2 February, 2015. Over 127 keen parents lined up to submit their enrolment forms and have a good chance of gaining a place at our school. If you are in the catchment area or have other children at school please try and put your enrolment in early so we can sort out numbers. If you have gained a place you will be notified after July this year when you should receive a letter offering you a place for your child. Then there will be teacher/parent interviews and your children will have a chance to meet their teacher for 2016 later on in the year. Click here for our new enrolment form.

M.A.D. Squad is a performing arts program specifically designed for schools. After school classes take place in the school's performance space and focus on singing, acting and dance. These classes allow students to explore these different components and extend their skills and confidence whilst building a solid foundation in performing arts. MAD Squad now has its own home page linked in our side menu or here for more information or to join.

Great Results Guarantee
(Pdf, 80 KB)


International Baccalaureate World School
Rochedale State School is now authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Organization, Primary Years Programme. We now have productive partnerships with a growing family of teachers and students around the world. Rochedale State School is the only state school in Queensland to achieve authorization status.

What does this mean for our students? 
Learning at Rochedale State School is not confined within the boundaries of traditional subject areas but is supported and enriched by them. Our program will engage all students in ways that are developmentally appropriate and challenging.

The Mission Statement of the International Baccalaureate
The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organisations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment. These programs encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people with their differences, can also be right.

Our school will have the ongoing support of The International Baccalaureate Organization and our teachers will have access to internationally recognized professional development. Click here for the General Regulations of the Primary Years Programme for students and legal guardians and click here for the Rules. These are also available from our school office.

At Rochedale State School in 2013, we have around 900 pupils in Prep to Year 7 with 35 classroom teachers. Our curriculum includes Chinese or French. Years 2 and 4 have an hour of Chinese per week and will continue learning Chinese through to Year 7 and Years 6 and 7 have 1.5 hours of Chinese per week. Years 3 and 5 have 1 hour of French per week and will continue their French studies through to Year 7. Prep and Year 1 have half an hour of Chinese per week. We have  Music and Physical Education Specialists, 5 days a week as well as Learning Support teachers.

Rochedale State School is a member of the prestigious International Baccalaureate Organization and we are an accredited school for hosting International Tours which we do quite regularly.

Our students  consistently achieve above the state average results in systemic testing such as the Year 3, 5 and 7 Naplan tests. Our School Annual Report has more information about our school. Click here for our Mission Statement. Click here for our School Disciplinary Absences Report.

We have published our new Responsible Behaviour Plan. Click here to have a read.  

For more information and a copy of our proposed constitution, please go to the latest news page.

Children also compete actively in the University of New South Wales competitions in Maths and English and achieve some of the best results in the State.

Rochedale State School has many amenities including a swimming pool with an active Swimming Club, a large oval and Assembly Hall and covered Adventure Playgrounds for the younger pupils.

We offer before and after school care programs as well as Vacation Care for children who need this service, through ROSHCA. We have recently completed a new purpose built ROSCHA building at the end of the school gym. Contact email is roshca7@hotmail.com or phone them directly on 3841 1943.

On Fridays from 9.0am to 10.30am, we have a Raindrops Playgroup at school for children from 18mths of age and all are welcome!

Our great swimming pool and shade cloth cover.

Our sporting teams compete in Softball, Cricket, T-Ball, Rugby League, Tennis and Netball and perform creditably in all these sports. We also have Aussie Rules teams, the Rochedale Ravens, training and playing games on our school oval on the weekend during the footy season.

Our classrooms from Prep to Year 7 are fully air-conditioned with reverse cycle units. Every classroom has an interactive white board and projector for the teachers' and students' use and they are an invaluable tool for improving student learning outcomes and streamlining lesson planning. Our SEU unit  makes use of iPads to enhance learning for the children in their unit and most teachers also use iPads with their units of inquiry and interactive whiteboards.

Our library is large and well stocked and is fully computerised to provide an excellent source of reference and reading material. It also has wireless internet for use with teachers' and visitors laptops.

Our computer lab in the library

Our school computers include over 200 IBM compatible PC's  with our student to computer ratio being around 4:1.  We also have around 40 iPads that are used in the classroom and support areas and over 110 laptops spread amongst the classes in sets of 14 per double teaching space. As one of the original 104 "Leading Schools" in Queensland, we are fully cabled, with every classroom having at least 4 networked computers and Internet access.

Many rooms including the library have wireless access with  more wireless access points to be installed at the start of 2015!! All teachers have their own Departmental laptop. Our computer lab, situated in our school library, has 28 computers for children to use. See photo above!

Our school Home Page has been up and running for 18 years now and is expanding and we hope, improving, all the time. The colours on these pages reflect the school colours of blue and gold and the banner shows our School Captains in their uniforms. 

This site aims to make the resources of the Internet available to students, to provide information about our school and showcase our student's work. We hope you will enjoy our pages and find them interesting and informative. 

We are still sponsoring our  World Vision child, Bo Bo Han. Click here to read about him and our previous child, Rosa Man. Click here to go to World Vision's page and sponsor your own child!!

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